Friends of Narnia Daycare

Dear friend,

It’s been a year since we started out on the walk with children and it’s been a beautiful journey so far.

At this stage we can’t deny that we have been blessed with this vision but with it comes its challenges. A thirst to do more; to reach out to the young ‘angels’ eager to experience love and to be nurtured firsthand. We have seen a great educational void for children in our community and Sierra Leone as a whole. Families with a passion to see their offspring educated. Most of these Adults related to Children are not empowered to do such mainly due to financial constraints.

We are currently looking for’ friends of Narnia SL’ People and or organizations who would be willing to sponsor a child (as we have children who would love to access our facilities but cannot afford to pay to access early education; we currently have three of such children whom we cater for).We also have nurseries/learning centers within our community that are in abject state of disrepair , we try the best that we can in reaching out to others but we are determined to make the difference with numbers!

A ‘Friend of Narnia; could just support the venture with skills, training, expert volunteerism, learning materials (new and or fairly-used story books more especially), toys and or any donations that you may deem necessary.

You can email us for further information.

With Many Thanks

Ariana Oluwole
Narnia Daycare